Sunday, 5 May 2013

Links for academics

This week I came across a few nice posts for academics. You don't have to be an economist, young or established academic to hopefully find this interesting as well:
  • GradHacker blog explains how you should think about your PhD as a research apprenticeship.
  • Indecision blog explains that it takes time to find your research "thing". One good point: "rather than trying to decide what you should do, think about: what do I keep coming back to every time I come up with ideas?"
  • At The Economist's View, Mark Thoma writes about the time he discovered an error in a Bernanke & Blinder paper in AER, but then "author prestige" got in the way.
  • Following the Reinhart & Rogoff incident, Betsy Stevenson and Justin Wolfers provides some tips on how non-experts and policymakers can identify the good research out there.
  • Dave Giles at the Econometrics Beat had a nice post about when the adjusted R-squared will increase.
Enjoy them.

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