Sunday, 26 May 2013

ECON-1 videos for the flipped classroom

This semester I used Explain Everything to add audio and annotations to PPT slides and make short videos for the flipped classroom. The idea is that the order of a contact session is flipped around: the students watch the videos as preparation and spend the time in class discussing and problem solving. I don't have to give a boring lecture and they don't have to listen to one - there is a video for that. My videos look like this:

This weekend I decided to have a quick look at the views that they got over the semester. The videos were uploaded on the module's eFundi site (our LMS) and on YouTube. The number clicks (don't know if they were viewed all the way through) on eFundi were:

EE_Movie_chap 1.mp4 752
EE_Movie_hst 1.mp4 772
EE_Movie_chap 2.1.mp4 294
EE_Movie_hst 2.1.mp4 445
EE_Movie_chap 2.2.mp4 230
EE_Movie_hst 2.2.mp4 331
EE_Movie_chap 2.3.mp4 202
EE_Movie_hst 2.3.mp4 390
EE_Movie_chap 3.mp4 154
EE_Movie_hst 3.mp4 449
EE_Movie_chap 4.1.mp4 203
EE_Movie_hst 4.1.mp4 387
EE_Movie_chap 4.2.mp4 132
EE_Movie_hst 4.2.mp4 306
EE_Movie_chap 4.3.mp4 115
EE_Movie_hst 4.3.mp4 261
EE_Movie_chap 4.4.mp4 96
EE_Movie_hst 4.4.mp4 274
EE_Movie_chap 7.1.mp4 142
EE_Movie_hst 7.1.mp4 274
EE_Movie_chap 7.2.mp4 106
EE_Movie_hst 7.2.mp4 248
EE_Movie_chap 7.3.mp4 88
EE_Movie_hst 7.3.mp4 206
EE_Movie_chap 7.4.mp4 69
EE_Movie_hst 7.4.mp4 187

EE_Movie_hst 7.5.mp4 212

That is a total of 7325 clicks and an average of 338 for the Afrikaans versions and 198 for the English versions. I hope to be able to split this between students in my group and those from other groups. For all the ECON111 students of around 1150 students, the average views are low, but my group was only 250. I wonder if the videos will be used much for revision before the exam.

Is it worth the effort? It is impossible to tell if it made much of a difference to student performance. We always have a look at the correlation between module marks and number of videos watched but that won't say anything about causation. I do think that it made a difference to the time spent in class. At least I enjoyed not giving a boring lecture and rather working through exercises and presenting interesting examples.

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