Saturday, 19 January 2013

The week's highlights

This was a busy week, one day of which was spent in a strategic planning session. From that I still want to write a proper post on the fashionable topic of open distance learning, but for now just a quick round-up of the week.

I made a few posts in other places:
  • At the School's blog: Opinions about President Zuma's recent call for a mixed economy for development.
  • At Prezi: my #EdTech presentation on e-learning tools, tips and tricks.
  • At the SoTL blog: Some ideas for using you iPad in 2013 (more than reading e-mail in meetings!).
  • On YouTube: two short videos featuring the new addition to our household - Haruki the beagle.
I also stumbled across a few good reads:
You would think, where does he find the time, but I also started listening to Tim Harford's new podcast: Pop-up economics. The details from BBC Radio 4 are here, or search for it on iTunes.

And finally, I also started following Deirdre McCloskey on Twitter:

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