Thursday, 3 January 2013

The end of the world postponed, blogging continues in 2013

2013 is off to a quick start and I have a few resolutions for this blog. The important ons is to read more and write better. But first, here is a quick recap of 2012:
  • Somehow I managed 78 posts. They were unevenly distributed over the year, but looking back at the number, that is not bad. I also wrote, edited or was somehow involved in another 125 on the School's blog.
  • The posts here had an amazing 6983 views, averaging 581 a month!
  • The two most popular posts were my thoughts on economic indicators and advice for post-grads to think more like researchers. The most popular page remains the basics of geographical economics.
My big plans for this year draws inspiration from an interview that the FT recently had with Tyler Cowen (of Marginal Revolution-fame). He is a self-described infovore and that sounds like something cool to aspire to be.  I particularly agree with this bit:
Nevertheless, I wonder whether it is not more important to learn the languages of the future: is it better to learn code or Mandarin? “I don’t think it’s either,” Cowen says. “I think it’s how to understand psychology. To understand marketing. Because the more wealth you have, and the more unequally concentrated it is, the more pressure there is for the attention of people with money.”
This fits nicely with an HBR blog post on hyperconnectivity, branding and entrepreneurship, as well as Esther Dyson's Project Syndicate post on The rise of the attention economy. So expect more blog posts, tweets and Facebook updates!

This year I am School Director and also teaching introductory Economics to the first year students. I hope to share resources and insights on things like management in higher ed, balancing teaching and research, and teaching with technology.

So here is to 2013.

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