Thursday, 31 May 2012

Blog log 5/6

The end is nigh and there is only 4 weeks of research leave left before it is back to reality. Unfortunately, the month of May has not been as productive as I had hoped, but it was busy.

For hard outputs:
  the revised and resubmitted paper of last month's log has been accepted for publication (total 5)
  the one submitted paper has been rejected and is now submitted elsewhere (that's 2 in the pipeline)

For softer outputs:
  a version of the green Two Oceans research has been accepted in Woord and Daad
  the Kindle single that Riaan Rossouw and I published is available at

I also evaluated an article for SAJE and a funding application for the NRF.

One Masters student submitted her dissertation for examination and two of last year's students received their degrees at the autumn ceremony.

There was also a lot of other stuff on campus, including two ITOU evaluations, a seminar of e-study guides, a fancy function, graduation ceremony, teaching committee meeting, mock radio interviews with the radio journo's and quite a few meetings.

On the social media front:
  9 blog posts here
  and 17 at the School's blog, including some resources for the Reserve Bank's MPC Schools challenge
  59 tweets

June looks like it is going to be a busy one, but there is one article that's been written and just needs some panel beating for submission and one other one for which the data is ready, that I would like to finish up before the end. Once more unto the breech.

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