Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Blog log 4/6

It is the 1st of May and on Workers' day I would like to give a Twitter-style FF to Prof Frederick Fourie's Three discourses paper on unemployment in South Africa. With all the nonsense out there about employment, unemployment, labour brokers etc this should be required reading for everyone.

But this not a labour economics post, it is time for the April blog log. I am 4 out of 6 months into research leave and unfortunately I have dipped into recession. There are only a few outputs to list:

No new articles submitted, but for one accepted paper we checked the proofs and I received a revise & resubmit on one of the submitted papers.

Then I made a visit to the Beijing Foreign Studies University for two guest lectures. Thanks again to the BFSU colleagues.

Being cut off from Facebook, Twitter and blogs in China served as an exogenous shock to my social media productivity:
  5x blog posts
  and only 9x tweets in April!

After getting back I did spend some time setting up the School of Economics' new blog and writing 6 short posts for that. A big part of that effort is for this coming Saturday's Open Day and we now have some cool infographics and prezi for that.

Now I'm hoping for a big push in May.

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