Friday, 8 March 2013

A short radio interview

This week I had the opportunity to speak on the Studio Spectrum show on campus radio: PUKfm 93.6. It was about last week's Budget Speech, what it means for students and the economy as a whole.

It was good fun and I am again thinking about doing a weekly podcast. I have posted earlier about Tim Harford's podcasts for the BBC and at the end of last year I was keen on producing my own until I ran into the technical difficulties. I don't think I am in The Undercover Economist's league, but do wonder whether students, school kids, or anyone else would be interested in a podcast about news and views on the SA economy.

Anyway, you can listen to the interview here in Afrikaans:

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  1. A friend told me about X102.3 a few days ago. Now it’s programmed as number 1 on my car stereo. The music keeps me jamming, especially during their morning show. It’s always a great way to start my day. Tune in, you may even win some tickets like I did.