Friday, 29 March 2013

A quick Easter weekend post

After a busy few weeks in March and being away at a workshop, I want to use a bit of this long weekend to write a quick round-up post.

First, I'm still making videos for the ECON111 course. The Explain Everything app has had a few nice updates recently and I still enjoy making the videos. I am up to the middle of chapter 7 on demand and supply and hope to have the chapter done by Sunday. They will go up on the School's YouTube page.

I'm also keen on more radio broadcasts and have been playing around with SoundCloud. I would like to do a weekly Economics Minute podcast (it will probably end up as an Economics 5 to 10 minutes, but that does not make for a catchy title). Any demand for one about this week's BRICs summit? Here is an earlier one on the current account deficit.

I also want to mention the excellent ERSA Economic History workshop in Cape Town last week. It was on the economic history of Apartheid and provided lots of food for thought:
  • That 1994 was not the big structural break that we all like to think and that we cannot start whatever analysis only after 1994.
  • That for economic history analysis we need to untangle the Apartheid era from its politics and think about the system as a form of developmental state - and this can provide some good lessons for current challenges.
Johan has a good write-up here.

There were some links that I liked for research:
On the social media side of things:
For teaching related stuff I collected a bunch of links to posts about MOOCs but enjoyed this one the most: it argues for MOOAs: Massive Online Open Administrations!

My colleague Carike has a nice post out on teaching introverts (and introverts teaching).

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