Saturday, 2 February 2013

This week's highlights: #EdTech

It has been a busy week and the classes have not even started! The highlight of the week was a blended learning workshop that I attended on campus. It was all about how to incorporate the use of technology in the learning experience: before class, in class, afterwards and also during assessment. I wrote a whole post about it on the Scholarship of Teaching Learning blog (Afrikaans only). The ECON111 lecturers also had a look at a demonstration of the Quiz system. It is a web-based platform that the NWU has developed to allow for in-class feedback from students on their mobile phones. Some of us are hoping to use Quiz, or the app Socrative, this semester.

In the spirit of teaching-learning I have also stumbled upon some new resources this week:
Finally, I am hoping to make a first video recording for next week's ECON111 class somewhere over the weekend. I'm planning to add an audio explanation to my PPT slides using Explain Everything on the iPad. But first I have to wait for the dog to take a nap and the neighbours to finish mowing the lawn. I'll post here as soon as my ECON-tv is launched.

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