Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Blog log 2/6

Time flies when you are having fun and/or on sabbatical. At the end of February 2/6 months of my research leave is done and I still haven't visited Stellenbosch! For that report that I have to write later, here is quick blog-log of the things that kept me busy in February:
    1x      Masters’ dissertations examined
    1x      comments about post-grad supervision at the Brain Packet meeting and 2 blog posts
    1x      Meeting for our planned firm survey
    1x      wrote up the economics, IPAP section of the InvestNW project
    2x      comments on radio about the Budget!
  15x       blog posts
 100x      tweets (blame the Budget 2012 for all those)
    1 more  article submitted 
    2 more  articles accepted for publication later in 2012

 The one day extra in February helped.

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