Sunday, 4 January 2015


Dear occasional readers,

During 2014 this blog experience secular stagnation of a sort and in 2015 I plan for it to go into hibernation. I want to redirect you to the two other blogs that I hope to put some effort into:
  • The one is the blog of the School of Economics. The plan is to focus on the research outputs of my colleagues and to make their reviews and analysis accessible to other academics, students, policymakers (and whoever else might be interested). I also hope to share some news with our alumni and share resources aimed specifically at our post-graduate students.
  • The other is a spin-off from the School's blog. Last year I started to add Economics content linked to the high school curriculum and now you can find it at The idea is to inspire the next generation of Economics students by providing a one-stop portal for data, analysis and opinions about the South African economy. Here I find the inspiration in Marginal Revolution University's slogan: Learn, Teach, Share.
I hope to blog like there is no opportunity cost.

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