Monday, 24 March 2014

Links from the interwebs

I had to delete my post with the links to recent posts and articles on inequality, Piketty, social mobility and what it means to be middle class in SA - formatting issues. I'll try this again later this week. For now a few interesting links to check out:

  • Every bureaucracy probably has one, but this example from the Washington Post makes for an amazing story: There is a mine where US federal government workers process the retirement documents of government workers by hand!
  • In the spirit of the 'Average is over' posts this story from Washington University's Department of Economics: They are offering a spring course in Machine Learning Economics.
  • And Datanami has some examples of how big algorithm are changing the world.
  • Fast Company has an excellent article on the so-called gig economy: trying to use apps and services like TaskRabbit and Postmates to be a micro-entrepreneur.
  • Finally at WCI Frances Wooley has a great post about the wrong things that beginner econometricians get worked up about. A keeper to post to the LMS.

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