Thursday, 7 November 2013

A few quick thoughts

I am shocked, shocked to realise that I did not get around to any blog posts in October. After the ESSA conference the month became a blur of admin paperwork and reading the work of students who want to submit their thesis or dissertation. That and marking and participation marks and meetings. Lots of meetings. So before I can't call myself a part-time blogger anymore, a few thoughts.

  • Still in October I was part of a group from our TRADE research niche that visited UNCTAD's Virtual Institute in Geneva. I made a post about the research at the School's blog.
  • On trains and at airports I had time to read JP Landman's new book: The long view. I hope to post a review here before the end of the month.
  • I am also due to write a review of Prof Raymond Parsons' new book: Zumanomics revisited, before the end of this month and will post it here as well.
  • Linked to those, I would like to comment on the Goldman's report 20 Years of freedom. Not everyone is keen - Richard Poplak warns of an unholy alliance in The Daily Maverick.
  • And then there is an ERSA Economic History workshop coming up in Potch early in December. I am putting something together with Johan and looking forward to seeing the Economic Historians again.
  • Finally, I was at one of those open dialogue with the rector events yesterday and the profs threw around some ideas about the nature of the university and research. I have some of my own, but in the meantime here is some interesting reading on management and university performance via Vox.Eu. I like this bit: the positive correlation (between better management and better outcomes) is driven mainly by incentives which matter for both research and teaching. Monitoring and targets are much less important in explaining performance. 

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