Sunday, 21 October 2012

The week's best links

This past week I stumbled across a number of links to interesting stuff on the web. Here is a quick list of some of them:
  • Marc Bellemare wrote about good documentaries on cities and development.
  • Chris Blattman celebrated a 5-year blogiversary with this image to explain why the blog keeps going. I could not agree more.
  • The Atlantic Cities has two interesting posts; one on the role of place in discovery and innovation, and another asking whether your city is innovative, productive, creative, or just populated.
  • The LSE's Impact of Social Sciences blog showed the Google search results for Roth and Shapley following the Nobel Prize announcement.
  • And the Chronicle of Higher Education ran a nice article on how academics can be unnecessarily miserable. I enjoyed the paragraph: I should take joy in the Facebook posts of far-flung colleagues who travel with their families during sabbaticals. But for some reason, they worry me, especially the pictures of smiling children on beaches building sand castles. Like the Grinch on his mountain, my inner dean splutters, "Look at them, sipping wine in Paris, sailing the Aegean, and strolling through Tuscan vineyards! I wonder how that relates to their next book project?".
This week the SA economy also featured on the front page of The Economist: You can reading the longer "Briefing" article of the Cry the beloved country issue here. There was wide-ranging response. You should read Johan Fourie's Smile the beloved country response. Against this backdrop, the Minister if Finance will deliver the so-called mini-budget this week.

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